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maggie 07-11-18 01:48 AM

Sci-fi/Horror: Student has powers to trap lover in alt realm bedroom
Hi, I'm looking for the title of a particular movie. Here's the information that I have and any help would be greatly appreciated. I have exhausted all outlets searching for decades. Thank you in advance!

This is an American English speaking movie, most likely American, Canadian or possibly Australian. It was set in the present time it was filmed.

It aired on late night cable TV in the early to mid 1990's. I believe it was TBS or USA Network. One of the networks that aired teenage movies late at night.

It was filmed in the very late 1980's or early to mid 1990's but no later than 1995.

I don't know the names of the actors, it absolutely didn't have any major stars at all.

This was not a high budget movie but not low, somewhere in between.

This movie was never in theaters and was either made for VHS/DVD or TV.

The setting was a school and a beach / park area / girl's home

The genre was either horror / thriller or sci-fi and very similar to Twilight Zone but wasn't. I've already investigated all of the Twilight Zones, Outer Limits, Amazing Stories, Ray Bradbury and so on.

PLOT: I do not recall the character's names so I'll just refer to them as Pretty, Guy and Mousy.

The main characters were female students in their very late teens or early 20's. They were friends. The main character was a pretty brunette with shoulder length hair, olive skin and a nice tan. Very pretty. She always wore light colored tee shirts with a square neckline with sparkling jewels attached on the neckline. She took her lunch outside with her friend, also a student. They usually ate fruit, mainly apples or peaches. (Don't ask me how I recall this, I'm really hoping this might jog someone's memory.) Her friend was equally as pretty but was a mousy character by comparison. Mousy kept trying to talk Pretty out of having a relationship with the handsome young teacher or teacher's aide. This guy was older than Pretty by about 10 years or so, tall, light hair, good looking and dressed in button downs and dress pants as a typical teacher. I believe he was married in this movie because their relationship had several taboos. He may have been another student but I'm fairly confident he was a teacher of some kind. She had given him an apple on the 1st day of class, I believe.

MOVIE MOMENT ENDING: At the end, the guy appears to be physically trapped in Pretty's bedroom which is a typical light colored, pink maybe, floral girly looking room. I remember it had a light oak mirrored dresser. It was a dream realm though, as though he was trapped in an alternate universe and he had no escape. Then you hear Pretty's voice: "Isn't this what you always said you wanted? To be together forever?" The guy starts getting upset, saying he needs to leave, that he has a life he needs to return to, etc., but there's no escape and the door won't open. The implication is that he'd engaged in an affair with her and the punishment is that for the lies he told her about saying he wanted to be together forever, he now is...and is stuck there forever.

The next scene is Pretty and Mousy sitting in the class room and the teacher is replaced by another teacher. Pretty smiles a devilish smile. She has an apple at her desk. I recall still hearing him calling for help as she sat in her desk, smiling. Like the ultimate punishment for a male teacher having an affair with a student. Horrible, I know...

If anyone remembers this movie please do tell me. Thank you in advance!

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