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§hinoßi 10-07-04 04:35 AM

Shawshank Redemption Song...
This is a song that plays a few times throughout the movie, its a sad piano song, and one part in particular where it plays is:

When the prison guards are dragging that sister back in his cell and they beat him. Does anyone know what song that is??

Skip 06-01-10 11:19 AM

Re: Shawshank Redemption Song...
well the original music composed for the film is by Thomas Newman,including that piano song.
The whole soundtrack is just brilliant , and makes you notice that the music is such an important factor of cinema.Defenetly one of my all time favorite soundtracks AND movie

Skip 06-01-10 11:21 AM

Re: Shawshank Redemption Song...
wow ,dusty thread

rauldc14 06-01-10 04:04 PM

Re: Shawshank Redemption Song...
That music really is great and moving. One of the best scores of all time in my honest opinion.

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