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Stirchley 08-02-21 06:46 PM

Ted Lasso
Canít find anything here written about this show although I was certain someone had commented on the show.

Not going to continue with this show after the first 2 episodes since itís not really my cuppa tea.

But, I do think itís rather good. Unusual original story for sure. Jason Sudeikis is putting 1000% of his being into this role. (The American guy playing his second-in-common is brilliant in his taciturnity.)

The female British owner of the club is also excellent. New to me, but, apparently, well known in the UK.

Apparently, Americans have embraced this show much more than Brits have.

If I had absolutely nothing else to watch, I would probably embrace this show. Thereís loads of streaming I need to catch up on + my new DVDs so am gonna pass.

Gideon58 08-11-21 04:59 PM

Just watched the pilot for this dark sports comedy series from Apple Original and Warner Brothers which I knew nothing about until earlier this year when I saw Jason Sudeikis win a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Comedy Series, which piqued my interest and I wish I had gotten around to it a little sooner, because this smart and sophisticated series could turn out to be something very special. Fans of the movie Major League will recognize the basic premise here, though the creators have definitely put their own spin on things. Sudeikis plays a second rate American football coach who gets hired to coach a soccer team in London, where soccer is referred to as football, which we initially think is going to be the hook for this show. The real hook is that the team's owner, Rebecca Welton, won the team in her divorce settlement and has purposely hired Ted to destroy the team in order to stick it to her ex. An added layer of fun is provided here with the fish out of water element of the story finding Ted trying to adjust to British life, but it looks like the real fun here is going to be the battle of wits between Ted and Rebecca and seeing how long it's going to take Ted to figure out what Rebecca is doing. Loved when Rebecca threw Ted in front of that baptismal fire called a press conference and pulled his fat out of the fire at the last second and the surprisingly touching ending with Ted on the phone with his wife and son was unexpectedly poignant. Loved the statuesque Hannah Waddingham as Rebecca and Juno Temple lit up the screen as one of the team member's girlfriend. Will definitely be watching this.

Yoda 08-11-21 05:03 PM

Re: Ted Lasso
Lovely show.

I was interested in the moment I heard Bill Lawrence (of Scrubs fame) was involved. Seems impossible he wouldn't make a good show, at this point, and this is no exception.

So far, fewer genuinely laugh-out-loud moments than Scrubs, tied almost entirely to the fact that it's a good deal more realistic than that show was, but it has a similar heart and is still quite funny. And yes, very interesting, well-written characters, and infectiously good-natured.

Gideon58 08-11-21 05:34 PM

Just wrapped ep 2. It seems that Ted might not be as dim as Rebecca thinks he is. Like the fact that he's staying in her face with his morning biscuit visits. I thought putting a suggestion box in the locker room was a little corny, but loved when he was reading the suggestions in the bar. I'm liking the juxtaposing of Ted trying to keep Jamie (Phil Dunster) while possibly romancing his girlfriend, Keely (Juno Temple) behind Jamie's back. Sedeikis nailed that little scene in the office with Jamie and I am LOVING Jeremy Swift as Higgins, Rebecca's flying monkey.

Gideon58 08-12-21 10:56 PM

As I wrap the third ep of season 1, I'm beginning to wonder if a lot of Ted's folksy corn fed charm and often confusing analogies and metaphors are no accident. This guy is a lot more intelligent than what we're being shown right now. I'm looking forward to seeing Roy take the place with the team that Jamie has right now. Also looking forward to the evolution of Nate the equipment manager becoming a major force behind Ted's coaching. Rebecca is showing just enough vulnerability to make her the perfect character you love to hate,

Gideon58 08-13-21 04:34 PM

Loved the whole bachelor auction motif for ep 4. First of all, I have to reiterate that I am LOVING Hannah Waddingham as Rebecca. With the aid of some really deft writing, she is creating a three dimensional villainness whose greatest asset is her vulnerability. I was wondering at the end of ep 3 if we were ever going to get to meet Rebecca's ex and you could have knocked me over with a feather when he appeared in ep 4. Rebecca is clearly still in love with the man and that love is obviously the impetus for everything she does, which might signify a major change in her treatment of the team and of Ted. Loved Keely's revenge on Jamie, though I wasn't expecting their breakup this soon. Now that they've broken up, maybe Roy will stop fighting his feelings for Keely, before she turns to Ted. Loving this silly show.

Gideon58 08-14-21 09:12 PM

Ep 5 was appointment television primarily due to the dazzling work from Jason Sudeikis as the title character, whether reuniting with his family, trying to stay two steps of Rebecca, or trying to make Jamie a team player, Sudeikis totally ruled in this episode and I wouldn't be surprised if this was the episode that was submitted to the Hollywood Foreign Press, who gave the actor his first Golden Globe. His reunion with his wife (Andrea Anders) was sweet and moving. I think he made all the right moves with Michelle, even though it was never made clear why Michelle was so unhappy. I loved the way Ted talked openly about his marital troubles with Rebecca, Coach, Nate, and Higgins. Can't wait to see Roy and Keely get together. Love this silly show.

Gideon58 08-14-21 10:47 PM

Definitely some surprises in ep 6. Loved the way this alleged curse brought the team together in a way they had never been before. The relationship between Rebecca and Keely is definitely growing legs and I'm also loving that Rebecca seems to be losing Higgins, though I think his defection to Ted is going to cost him dearly and that's why we got a glance of Higgins' family in the last ep. Loving Sam too...what a charmer that guy is, his scene with Rebecca was lovely...definitely want to see his role beefed up. Love Dani Rojas and to get some insight into why Jamie is the way he is and I don't believe for a minute that he's gone for good. Love this silly show.

Gideon58 08-16-21 10:46 PM

Ep 7 was excellent, all kinds of stuff going on here...absolutely LOVED the scene in the lockeroom where Nate gave the team his notes...brilliantly written and directed...his comparison of Dani Rojas to Carrie Bradshaw was classic. Love the relationship that is developing between Rebecca and Keeley...they were joking about it, but I wouldn't be shocked if something sexual happened between these two...there is a subtle sexual tension between these two characters that is slowing simmering to the surface. Would love some more backstory regarding Rebecca's marriage...this Rupert guy really did a number on her. Ted's meltdown at the karaoke bar was heartbreaking. This divorce seems to be affecting him the same way Rupert affected Rebecca. Also loved Rebecca's karaoke performance...Hannah Waddingham has a serious set of pipes. Glad Roy is trying to open up to Keeley. but I see some heartbreak for him down the road...Keeley's got so much going on with other characters she will not be able to give Roy the attention he needs.
Loving this silly show.

Gideon58 08-18-21 10:55 PM

Ep 8 was great...I am LOVING what's going on between Roy and Keeley. Keeley has never had to work this hard for a man's attention and I think it's going to be really good for her, made only more complicated by the fact that Jamie, as I suspected is not out of the picture. The dart game was watching Ted Have Rebecca's back with Rupert, who is a total prick! Higgins and Rebecca parting ways was no surprise, but I was sure Rebecca would fire him before Higgins would quit. Love this silly show.

Gideon58 08-20-21 04:46 PM

Ep 9 was all about Hannah Waddingham as Rebecca and Brett Goldstein as Roy...Waddingham was brilliant in that confession scene with Ted and even though I suspected it early on, the way Ted reacted to the confession confirms for me that he knew what Rebecca was doing all along. She also nailed the scene where Rupert informed her he was about to have a baby with his girlfriend. He knows all of Rebecca's buttons and apparently this was a big one...the guy is pure slime. Goldstein and the writers are creating a deliciously complex and unpredictable character in Roy and I'm loving the fact that Keely seems to be the only one who can really get him to open up. Loving Ted's analogies and metaphors, I don't know how the writers come up with these things...loved when he said something Rebecca said was like Woody Allen playing the clarinet, I don't wanna hear it. Also loving Ted's progress in learning how to handle the press. Love this silly show.

Gideon58 08-20-21 05:27 PM

Well, what can I say? The season one finale was nothing short of spectacular filled with enough surprises to rivet us and enough suspense to make us long for season 2. Even though it happened a lot quicker than I thought it was going to, I was thrilled that Nate was made a coach. I was surprised that Roy made Isaac captain, I have to admit I thought he was going to give it to Sam. Love Sam, hope to see his role beefed up in season two. I was surprised that the Roy/Keely/Jamie triangle still has legs because Keeley's heart really seems to be with Roy now, but she can't seem to tell Jamie that (even with that terrible haircut) and I'm surprised that Roy is putting up with it. Can't wait to see where it goes next season. The game itself was fantastic...loved when Jamie actually passed the ball and Ted sent him the note about it and the cheer for Roy when he got injured. This show is a lot of fun and can't wait to get into the second season.

Stirchley 08-20-21 07:14 PM

Re: Ted Lasso
Maybe I’ll take another swing at this inspired by @Gideon58’s reviews.

Gideon58 08-20-21 07:32 PM

I would if I were you...I think this show is fantastic...the writing is brilliant.

Stirchley 08-23-21 02:58 PM

Originally Posted by Gideon58 (Post 2231915)
I would if I were you...I think this show is fantastic...the writing is brilliant.
Will definitely consider it.

I have one for you: The White Lotus on hbo. Terrific 6-parter (renewed for a 2nd season on hbo). I think you would enjoy this show.

Gideon58 08-25-21 10:33 PM

Just watched the second season opener and I was a little disappointed that this show fell into a trap a lot of shows like this do...there were events that happened between the first and second season played offscreen that I would have preferred to have seen played onscreen. Primarily, Roy's retirement from the team and taking a position coaching a little girls' soccer team. It was fun though watching him treat the girls just like he was coaching adult players. The whole thing with Dani Rojas was a little hard to process. I'm still finding it hard to believe that a soccer ball hitting a dog could actually kill him, but I'm glad the event has not permanently removed Dani from the team. Keely and Roy's double date with Rebecca and her new guy was a hoot and what Roy told Rebecca was absolutely correct. Also LOVED the way Jamie was reintroduced in season 2. Loving this silly show.

Gideon58 08-30-21 10:52 PM

The second ep of season 2 featured some solid work from Phil Dunster as Jamie began his journey back to Richmond. Loved when he confronted Keeley after following her around during her lunch hour. I loved the way Ted let Sam have his say about Jamie before he told him that Jamie wasn't coming back. LOVED Roy's appearance on that sports show and I'm glad we got a glance of his retirement from Richmond. The lady psychiatrist is a real Debbie Downer and Ted may have created a real **** storm here even though we all saw it coming. Love this silly show.

Stirchley 09-01-21 02:26 PM

Originally Posted by Gideon58 (Post 2233454)
I'm still finding it hard to believe that a soccer ball hitting a dog could actually kill a dog Ö
Definitely could.

Nick Mohammed who plays Nate was featured in a very good NY Times article on Sunday. He said he knows nothing about football & has to have all the terms explained to him.

And he actually lives in Richmond where the show is set. Said itís strange, but not unpleasant, being recognized there.

At one time he was pursuing a doctorate in geophysics at Cambridge.

Gideon58 09-02-21 09:31 PM

I was provided a delicious surprise as the fourth ep of season 2 turned out to be the show's first holiday-themed episode as we got to watch the folks of Richmond celebrate Christmas. So glad that Rebecca got Ted out of the house...what they did was absolutely lovely. I was so impressed that Higgins actually invites the whole team to his house. Loved that Sam turned one of Higgins' kids into a believer. Sam is seriously awesome. The diagnosis regarding Phoebe's that a thing? Loved their encounter with the bully and the cue cards. And does Hannah Waddingham have serious pipes or what? Loved this show.

Gideon58 09-07-21 08:36 PM

Okay, just realized that I somehow skipped ep 3, so I'm watching it now.

Gideon58 09-08-21 01:10 PM

Watched ep 3 and fortunately, I don't think I messed up my comprehension of the show by watching ep 4 first. Loved everything that happened with Sam. Glad to learn that he's more than a pretty face and actually has a social conscience and loved that the entire staff and team of Richmond had his back. Jamie seems sincere about making amends with his teammates but he clearly has no idea how to do it. I'm thinking that talking to Dr. Debbie Downer will help. Rebecca's relationship with her goddaughter allowed us another peek into the vulnerability of this character, who I am growing to love more with each episode. The introduction of Led Tasso was kind of odd and even when I realized why he did it, I'm not sure it was necessary. Roy is going to be the star of that sports show before the season is over and I'm loving watching Ted handle the art of the press conference. Love this silly show.

Gideon58 09-08-21 09:38 PM

Just finished ep 5 and it's official...Roy Kent is my favorite character on this show. This guy is so raw and funny and completely unpredictable. Loved his handling of Isaac and I have to admit that I will miss him on that TV show Soccer Saturday. Nate looked a little intimidated when Roy arrived on the sidelines and he should be. Speaking of Nate, he is behind my one minor problem with this show: Am I the only one who has trouble hearing and understanding him? I have to put closed captioning on when I watch this show because, otherwise, I would miss most of what Nate says. Really enjoyed that scene where Higgins was gushing to Rebecca about his wife because it seemed like this was the first time since he began working for Richmond that anyone has ever asked him about his personal life. We're getting a lot of change and growth from several characters and it's all because of Ted...he has a magical effect on these people that I'm not sure he's even aware of. Loved when he was paraphrasing all of those famous movie quotes to Ted and I couldn't believe we actual got the second reference to Sex and the City on this show. Seriously loving this show.

Gideon58 09-13-21 04:32 PM

Everything that happened between Roy and Jamie was the highlight of ep 6 of season 2. I'm very pleased with Jamie's sincerity about becoming more of a team player and I love the irony of his being a team player being the exact thing the team doesn't need right now. Introducing Rebecca's new boy toy and her mother in the same episode seemed to bit of an overload. That whole thing with Higgins and Coach was a bit odd too. It just seemed so out of character for Higgins to be poking his nose in someone else's business and the fact that it seemed to work out was a little convenient. I knew eventually Ted was going to explode...he's been sitting on too much stuff for too long and am looking forward to hearing what he has to say Dr Debbie Downer. Seriously loving this show.

Gideon58 09-15-21 04:21 PM

Just finished ep 7 and loved the reveal that Sam is the one that Rebecca has been texting with on the dating app. The ironic thing is they would be perfect for each other, but Rebecca won't be able to handle it. I'm glad that Roy and Keeley worked things out, though I never really bought that needy, clingy thing Roy was doing because it was completely out of character for him. Ted and Debbie Downer are starting to piss me off because it's becoming obvious that Ted is going to begin therapy but we are not going to be privy to any of it. I'm also glad that Nate got taken down a couple of pegs in this ep because all the attention he's been getting on social media has gone to his head and I'm starting not to like him.

Gideon58 09-17-21 08:24 PM

Just learned that my new favorite binge has been nominated for 20 Emmys on Sunday, including four nominees in the Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy category. Impressive.

Gideon58 09-18-21 04:54 PM

Ep 8 was freaking fantastic! The writers seem to want to give a vulnerable side to Dr Debbie Downer in order to make us like her, but I'm not feeling it. Maybe I'll feel it a little more if Ted actually talks to her regarding his big reveal. LOVED everything that happened with Sam and Rebecca...Rebecca's initially reaction to what was going on was exactly what I expected, but I'm glad Sam is not giving up, even though Rebecca is going to be fighting it tooth and nail. The Diamond Dogs confession circle was brilliantly written and performed. I was expecting the loss at Wembley, but I wish it hadn't been a blowout. I would have preferred to see them lose in the final seconds. The scene with Jamie and his father was incredible...loved the actor who played Mr. Tartt and Roy hugging Jamie was something I wouldn't have seen coming in a million years. speaking of Roy, I couldn't believe that he was actually shocked that Phoebe might be swearing because of him, or was he just pretending to be shocked that's what I love about Brett Goldstein as're never sure where his head is at and that's what makes the character so fascinating. Would love to see Goldstein win an Emmy on Sunday. Seriously loving this show.

Gideon58 09-20-21 08:49 PM

Happy to report that the show won four big Emmys...Outstanding Comedy Series, Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series (Jason Sudeikis); Outstanding Supporting Actor (Brett Goldstein) and Outstanding Supporting Actress (Hannah Waddingham). Congratulations! All richly deserved.

Gideon58 09-20-21 10:53 PM

This show has provided eighteen episodes of sterling entertainment, but I am scratching my head trying to figure out the hot mess that was season 2 ep 9. I just don't know what was going on here. I do know that Brendan Hunt, who plays Coach, is one of the show's creators and that his character has kind of been on the periphery of things up to this point and maybe he demanded that an episode be centered around him, but they really missed the boat here. From everyone blaming Coach for the Wembley loss to getting in a fight with Jamie's father, this just didn't work for me, even if it was supposed to be a fantasy, it never fully committed to being a fantasy and just didn't work for me. This was the first episode of this show that I had difficulty getting through, but every show has a misstep and I'm hoping this is the last one for this show, especially after its big night at the Emmys. Still, seriously loving this show.

GulfportDoc 09-23-21 09:08 PM

Finally just last night fired up this series. Watched eps 1 & 2. Will continue this evening. My wife loved it right away, and she's very picky...:) I thought the premise too silly, but it started to get my attention. Sudeikis has a certain charm. I could live without some of the language, but that genie is not likely to be put back into the bottle anytime soon. Looking forward to see where the series is going. Gideon, I'll be avoiding your updates until after the series..;)

Gideon58 09-29-21 03:22 PM

Well, the season 2 finale bounced back quite nicely from the mess that was ep 9. I'm still pulling for Rebecca and Sam...Sam took it like the class act that he is. I was glad that we got a glimpse into Ted's inner demons, it was long overdue. I have a feeling this examination into what makes Ted tick could go into some dark and dangerous places, though this show isn't really about dark and dangerous. The juxtaposing of Ted's session with Rebecca's memories regarding her father was beautifully executed. Very nice that the entire team showed up for Rebecca's father's funeral, though Rupert's arrival really threw cold water on the whole thing, was that really necessary. Also LOVING that we're going to get a four alarm romantic triangle with Roy, Keeley, and Jamie...excellent work from Brett Goldstein and Juno Temple in those scenes. Looking forward to the third (and rumored final) season. Seriously loving this show.

Yoda 09-29-21 03:23 PM

Originally Posted by Gideon58 (Post 2241807)
Well, the season 2 finale bounced back quite nicely from the mess that was ep 9.
There's actually a couple more episodes, I believe. This season's a bit longer than the first.

Gideon58 09-29-21 03:48 PM

Oh, well the first season was ten episodes so I assumed the second was the same...thanks so much for letting me know.

Siddon 09-29-21 04:21 PM

Originally Posted by Gideon58 (Post 2241819)
Oh, well the first season was ten episodes so I assumed the second was the same...thanks so much for letting me know.

Yeah they also still have quite a bit of story to tell...looks like next episode is a Roy episode and the finale is Sudekis written (he hasn't done any episodes this season).

Gideon58 09-29-21 04:36 PM

Glad I found out there was more to season 2, I actually thought ep 10 was the last.

GulfportDoc 09-29-21 09:17 PM

To me, season 2 started a little off the rails-- too scattered. Have watched the first 2 eps only, so it'll likely get back on track.

GulfportDoc 10-03-21 05:58 PM

Originally Posted by GulfportDoc (Post 2241903)
To me, season 2 started a little off the rails-- too scattered. Have watched the first 2 eps only, so it'll likely get back on track.
WELL... To my taste Season 2 started off shakily and went down from there. I held on for awhile, but after struggling through episode 8, I finally had to bail. I felt like I was watching a video of a grade school girls' slumber party. Just not my kind of fare.

Gideon58 10-04-21 04:30 PM

Lot of interesting stuff going on in ep 11...they seem to be testing out possible new couplings and I'm not sure if I like anything they've proposed so far. I hope Dr. Debbie Downer is really going, but I have a feeling she's not. Brett Goldstein was brilliant as Roy Kent found himself feeling some new feelings...loved that confession scene with him and Keely. Glad to see Sam getting the attention he deserves but that last scene with Rebecca DESTROYED me...I refuse to give up on these two. Impressive work from Sam Richardson as Edwin Akufo, who made the most of a thankless role on Veep. And I knew there was a reason I've started hating Nate this season. Seriously loving this show.

Yoda 10-06-21 02:01 PM

Re: Ted Lasso
Re: Gulfport's thing about "grade school girls' slumber party." I may partially agree, depending on your precise meaning. If you mean that it's just a little too twee, I'm on board with that. I say that as someone who didn't think the first season went too far in this direction, but does feel the second has.

It may be that the first season's strong response produced many articles, and those articles reductively ascribed its quality to its general optimism, so the second season has leaned into that even though it was not the only component of what made the first season good. It could also be that season two is simultaneously touching on some darker stuff and they thought it important to counterbalance. I'm not sure.

I adored Lawrence's Scrubs, which was simultaneously very serious and very silly, but it was silly rather than schmaltzy and walked the line where all of the heartfelt stuff felt earned. Possibly because heartfelt and schmaltzy are not the same thing: characters being genuine and supportive is not the same thing as just being rote cheerleaders for one another. They need real conflict, too, and sometimes their support needs to be genuinely sad, and contain genuine pathos. This show is starting to lose that a bit, I think. It's losing the crucial element of any intimate relationship where it is occasionally hard to support someone you care about.

Anyway, still a very good show, and I have a fair bit of confidence it will find its footing again because there's a lot of genuine talent involved.

One thing to consider is that things might feel a bit off because the two "extra" episodes were added late (Apple ordered two more after they saw how the first season was being received) and shoehorned in as standalones.

Siddon 10-09-21 10:24 PM

Well that's it for the season, I think it was honestly a brilliant season that built up and established a pair of heavy's for next year.

The good - Sam is great in small doses, though I hope he doesn't have to get a storyline every season.

The bad - Coach Beard's solo episode was the low point of the season, I really like his relationship with his girlfriend and I hope that becomes a focus next season.

The good - Nate's arc has come full circle he's now clearly the bad guy and the show now has a worthy rival...conflict was getting a little stale this year.

The bad - I do worry the show is going to turn into Lost with to many plot points running around. This was Roy's season and Keely was a very strong part it, I don't want this to be a get together break up get together type plotline.

The good - Ted Lasso still manages the warm feels, though not as strong as season one it's still the best comedy on TV.

Gideon58 10-12-21 04:40 PM

I'm assuming with everything that happened in ep 12, that it was the season 2 finale and it did not disappoint. Don't really understand Nate's complete 180 turn to villain this season and that scene where Nate confronts Ted, though wonderfully acted by Nick Mohammed, didn't justify Nate's behavior, which has been borderline childish, so I'm happy with how the story wrapped. The conclusion of Sam's story satisfied as well. Hated the way the fans and social media tramped all over Ted. LOVED his speech to the team though...brilliantly written. Hope Ted can honestly and openly work on his issues...the act of going public is a nice start, but he has to do some work now. And on the flip side of Nate, I love the evolution of Jamie Tart's character this season, the growth in this character has been remarkable and believable for the most part. It wasn't clear as to whether or not Keeley is gone, but if she is, I'm good with that. Looking forward to season 3.

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