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Gideon58 10-04-21 05:36 PM

The Big Leap

Glee fans will have a head start on this new series on FOX. Just watched the pilot for this new hour-long musical comedy drama about a reality show for amateur dancers called "The Big Leap" and a look at selected people from different walks of life who get cast for the show including a gay break dancer named Justin, an uber driver and personal trainer named Mike, a housewife and former ballet dancer named Julia Perkins. It's an interesting idea, but there are just way too many mini-dramas going on to sustain interest. It's nice seeing Teri Polo return to TV screens and I liked Scott Foley as the slick and cynical producer of the show but I really don't see this lasting more than half a season.

Gideon58 10-07-21 09:11 PM

OK, just watched the second episode and I'm confused. A bunch of different relationships and couples were established during the pilot and they were ripped apart in the second ep and I don't think that was an accident, but I don't think it's all working either. I loved the reveal that Scott Foley's producer's last show has him currently in the middle of a class action lawsuit, that was brilliant. Also loved the fact that Gabby was made understudy for the entire company. I see what Foley's character is trying to do, but it's stretching credibility that no one else does. I'll try one more episode.

Gideon58 10-13-21 05:16 PM

Just watched episode 3 and this show is starting to lose me...there's stuff here that's working but there's a lot more that's not. Loving Scott Foley as the morally questionable producer but am not feeling any other of the dozens of characters involved here. Didn't really understand the road trip to Chicago that just felt like a discarded episode of Glee. I'm smelling cancellation here. This show is not good enough to justify what us probably huge budget.

Gideon58 10-21-21 04:44 PM

Got about 15 minutes into ep 4 and I think I'm done with's getting dumber and dumber with each episode.

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