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Yoda 08-15-13 10:46 AM

2013 MoFo Fantasy Football - The Regular Season
Well, we drafted a little early this year so we've still got a little over three weeks until the games, but feel free to babble in here about preseason developments and stuff.

Not too much going on; huge false alarms (it appears for now) with both Jamaal Charles and Tom Brady. Both should be fine for the time being.

Took a bit of a chance in going with Eddie Lacy as my RB2 so I could load up elsewhere, and so far it looks like a solid choice, as he's in line to be the clear #1 running back on one of football's best offenses. Still got the whole season ahead of us, though, so we'll see how it shakes out. But with Rodgers, Cobb, and Lacy, I might be living or dying with the Pack for a bit. I can certainly think of worse teams to tie my offensive fortunes to, though it might be worthwhile to diversify at some point.

How's everyone else feeling? It's 14 teams, so pretty much everyone's got a starter they're a little iffy about, or will be after the first couple of games.

TONGO 08-15-13 11:19 AM

As I said before Le'Veon Bell is a big question mark for me. For me, I would stay away from RBs that play for New Orleans, New England, and Green Bay. Things change though so ya nevah kno'.

Im pretty excited about Antonio Gates. With Malcom Floyd spraining his knee, Danario Alexander out for the season :facepalm:, and the rest of the WR corps being untested rookies Im hoping Rivers to Gates becomes the hottest tandem in the NFL again. At least it was in 2011 till Gates got hurt. Ooooh, if Gates could stay healthy a whole season.

Along with Jimmy Graham, Fitz, Muscle Hamster, and Mike Williams who should flourish when VJ gets double covered, I feel my offense may surprise to the good.

jiraffejustin 08-15-13 12:26 PM

Re: 2013 MoFo Fantasy Football - The Regular Season
I'll go through my whole team here:


Eli Manning - Last year I had the first pick in the draft, but there was no clear cut consensus #1 back. I took Aaron Rodgers. Then when it was my turn to draft in the second round, there was slim pickings for backs. I considered that a lesson learned the hard way. There isn't much difference between second tier and third tier QBs in fantasy anymore, so I'm fine with Eli as my starter. I drafted him in the 7th round.

Jay Cutler - To me Cutler seems on the cusp of being a pretty good QB1. I think all he needs is a consistent offensive line. If they put it together, Cutler will either be good enough to take Eli's job or make for interesting trade bait.


Jamaal Charles - Getting 1,500 yards off of an ACL tear would have been some kind of record, but there is another guy out there who did a little better last year. Jamaal's false alarm earlier in the week scared me a little bit, but Jamaal is usually very durable. I'm a huge Longhorn fan, and I've been watching him since his days wearing the burnt orange. I don't remember him ever being hurt there or since he's been in the league. Other than the ACL obviously. Andy Reid coming to Kansas City means that Jamaal won't be playing musical running backs anymore. Todd Haley seemed to love that game. I hated it with a passion, because the ultra-talented Charles had to give up way too many reps to guys way less talented than he. Andy Reid loves getting the ball to his running backs in the passing game as well, check out Brian Westbrook and Lesean McCoy's receiving stats for evidence. The biggest thing I noticed though was Jamaal getting a goal line carry in the preseason game and scoring the touchdown. To me this is huge, because if he wasn't going to do it in the regular season, there was no way Andy was letting him take that risk in the preseason.

Reggie Bush - I drafted him in the third round. I feel like I might have reached maybe. I don't know though, because he will be way more involved in this Lion's offense than any other he has been on. He is an injury risk, but I am intrigued by his upside.

Danny Woodhead - I drafted him in the 8th round. I think I might have gotten some real value with him. He will most likely already be the third down back. He can catch the ball well. Ryan Mathews is pretty terrible and always gets hurt. Danny Woodhead has looked good in the past, and reports indicate he's looked good in camp. You can take that for what you will, but I expect him to start some games this year.

Giovani Bernard - 9th round pick. I consider him a high-potential rookie back. If he gets enough playing time he could be worth something. If not, oh well. 9th round picks usually don't win your championship anyway.

Pierre Thomas - 10th round pick for a back that will fill in during a bye week and might score a td to go with 40-50 rushing yards at best. So a possible 11 point scorer for a bye week.

Lance Dunbar - Dropped my 16th round pick to add Dunbar off the waivers. Murray will get hurt. Dunbar is currently #2 on the depth chart, and he has looked good. I expect him to start at least two games this year, and both times he will be in my starting lineup as well.


Brandon Marshall - Another year, another 100+ catch season. Marshall is an absolute stud.

Jason Witten - This might have been a bit of a homer pick, but I am expecting an even bigger year for Witten than he had last season. Another 100 receptions, but I am expecting 6-7 TDs out of him.

Pierre Garcon - When he and RGIII were on the field together, he caught a lot of deep balls. More of that please.

Miles Austin - 6th round pick on a guy that will either miss half the season again, or put up big numbers again (relative to his draft position.) Flip a coin.

Kendall Wright - WRs typically make a big jump from their rookie year to their second year.

Rob Housler - Now that Arizona has a QB it's safe to draft somebody other than Fitzy.


Justin Tucker - It might have seemed like a total homer move last season when I was telling everybody about how good Tucker was going to be once the Ravens signed him. He was awesome last year, and in the preseason he's already hit a 57 yarder.


Redskins - meh. But at least they play the turnover machine Mike Vick in week one.

TONGO 08-15-13 05:43 PM

Even though I dont like to get GB, NE, or NO RBs I had to pick up Green Bays Dujuan Harris as hes considered to be the starter, at least for now.

Yoda 08-15-13 05:49 PM

Re: 2013 MoFo Fantasy Football - The Regular Season
The question about teams like that is whether or not their approach to running backs is actually something they do deliberately, or something that's been forced on them by their personnel. In some cases the head coach clearly likes to rotate backs and/or play the "hot hand," but on teams like Green Bay it seems to me that they just haven't had the right back to roll with; when they had someone like Ryan Grant, back when he was playing well, they gave him the bulk of the work. So the "stay away" factor was a reflection of their personnel, not their philosophy.

And, of course, teams are like this until they're not, as was the case with Ridley and New England last year. That's precisely why they represent such great potential value.

TONGO 08-15-13 05:59 PM

Yeah I read one article stating he was the starter, grabbed him, and then found alot more articles lauding your guy as the heir apparent. Oh well, figure I can afford to drop Jake Locker to see how it pans out.

TONGO 08-17-13 03:56 AM

Oh screw all this polite mess! Who has the best roster from the draft?!

I think the 4 best going into the season are Dionne (A Denver driven offense is a dangerous thing. Trust me.) , Mud Dogs, Mike, and Lisa.

Sedai 08-17-13 10:42 AM

Re: 2013 MoFo Fantasy Football - The Regular Season
I like my team a lot, with the obvious durability issue with a QB I pretty much reached for; RGIII needs to do well for me to do well. My swing is a bit weak, as well.

Yoda 08-17-13 11:53 AM

Re: 2013 MoFo Fantasy Football - The Regular Season
I'll go with Mike. Other than his I think you can make a good argument for lots. It's almost impossible to say before the season has started though.

DexterRiley 08-17-13 01:54 PM

Originally Posted by Sedai (Post 943434)
I like my team a lot, with the obvious durability issue with a QB I pretty much reached for; RGIII needs to do well for me to do well. My swing is a bit weak, as well.
Flex is fine here, im hoping hoping wishing wishing Vick can rock it like a Hurricane in the new Eagles system. (and stay reasonably healthy). If he does, look out.

DexterRiley 08-17-13 01:58 PM

Re: 2013 MoFo Fantasy Football - The Regular Season
Also Carried over from Draft day thread

And Mike, its from

Sedai 08-19-13 05:44 PM

Re: 2013 MoFo Fantasy Football - The Regular Season
Thanks Tim!

Yoda 08-23-13 05:15 PM

Re: 2013 MoFo Fantasy Football - The Regular Season
FYI guys, the league site just got a sleek makeover.

TONGO 08-23-13 05:20 PM

Yeah and it looks tough! I thought I accidentaly hit a button somewhere or something at first. Very slick.

TONGO 08-24-13 12:26 AM

I just joined a 20 team pubic league. Im curious what its like! Not only will somebody have Nate Burleson on their roster, but theyll probably be starting him too. Itll be a Autopick Draft thingy to add to the chaos lol!

Man I guess I really am ready for some football. CMON SEPTEMBER!

7thson 08-24-13 03:41 AM

Originally Posted by Yoda (Post 948036)
FYI guys, the league site just got a sleek makeover.
Yeah I got mad at first - cause well I hate change.. then I calmed myself and figured if I win it is because I am a good, not because yahoo likes to look cool n stuff...

DexterRiley 08-25-13 10:03 PM

Originally Posted by Yoda (Post 948036)
FYI guys, the league site just got a sleek makeover.
yeah im not a fan. Way too much info at the fingertips.

Piledriver 08-26-13 04:59 PM

1 Attachment(s)
This is what we are all playing for peeps!!!! :D

Yoda 08-26-13 05:02 PM

Re: 2013 MoFo Fantasy Football - The Regular Season
Nice picture! Thanks for posting that man. We wanna get a nice winner's wall going after another year or two.

Sedai 08-26-13 05:09 PM

Re: 2013 MoFo Fantasy Football - The Regular Season
Petey! :D

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