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WorldFilmGeek 08-30-17 04:16 PM

Dynasty Warriors

The Koei Tecmo video game series Dynasty Warriors is getting a live action film treatment and as a matter of fact, filming is already going on in China.

The games, based on the classic Romance of the Three Kingdoms, is being directed by Roy Chow (Rise of the Legend) and written and produced by Chow's wife Christine To and while roles are under wraps, the cast includes

  • Carina Lau
  • Darren Wang
  • Han Geng
  • Eddie Cheung
  • Louis Koo
Filming is scheduled to continue until the year's end with a 2018 release date.

WorldFilmGeek 08-31-17 12:57 PM

Re: Dynasty Warriors

On set photo with director Roy Chow and actor Eddie Cheung

Ultraviolence 08-31-17 01:05 PM

Re: Dynasty Warriors
Can't wait to see Liu Bei and Lu Bu kicking some asses.
But they have to kick the entire army's ass! haha

WorldFilmGeek 10-30-17 10:19 AM

Re: Dynasty Warriors
Cast confirmations with roles:
Louis Koo is Lu Bu
Nick Wang Kai is Cao Cao
Ray Lui is Yuan Shao
Tony Yang is Liu Bei
Justin Cheung is Zhang Fei
Han Geng is Guan Yu
Gulnazar is Diao Chan
Carina Lau is Master of the Sword Forge Castle

Dani8 10-30-17 12:49 PM

Handsome cast!

WorldFilmGeek 11-10-17 02:29 PM

3 Attachment(s)
On-Set Photos of the film:

edarsenal 11-17-17 03:57 PM

Re: Dynasty Warriors
good cast, could be very worthwhile

Dani8 11-17-17 04:52 PM

Re: Dynasty Warriors
Ridiculously good looking staff!

WorldFilmGeek 12-05-17 10:07 AM

Re: Dynasty Warriors
Production has completed in New Zealand and three more cast members were announced:
Lam Suet as Dong Zhuo

Philip Keung as Zhang Jiao (the leader of the Yellow Turban rebellion)
Law Kar-Ying as Lu Boshe, an acquaintance of Cao Cao (no on-set pic of him)

McConnaughay 12-05-17 11:41 AM

Re: Dynasty Warriors
I remember as a kid, playing Dynasty Warriors, every time Lu Bu would be spotted, I'd be scared ****-less. Although, it was never really the story itself that had me into the series, so I don't know how confident I am about a film.

edarsenal 12-05-17 03:20 PM

Re: Dynasty Warriors
played the hell out of Dynasty 4 and would LOVE to see this film. Especially with the cast they have.

Dani8 12-05-17 07:01 PM

Re: Dynasty Warriors
Did you take these photos, filmgeek? I love3 the second outfit!

WorldFilmGeek 12-06-17 10:59 AM

Originally Posted by Dani8 (Post 1833866)
Did you take these photos, filmgeek? I love3 the second outfit!
I wish I took these photos! The fanboy in me would have truly came out ;)

WorldFilmGeek 01-08-18 02:09 PM

Re: Dynasty Warriors
New photos from JayneStars

WorldFilmGeek 03-20-18 09:31 AM

Re: Dynasty Warriors
A teaser has been released and for those who like the video game, they have the "Musou" mode in it!

Ultraviolence 03-20-18 10:47 AM

Re: Dynasty Warriors
Louis Koo is Lu Bu
Really liked the cast!

WorldFilmGeek 05-04-21 03:02 PM

Re: Dynasty Warriors
It finally came out in Hong Kong and China this past weekend and Netflix will stream the film internationally this summer

WorldFilmGeek 07-09-21 10:41 AM

Re: Dynasty Warriors
The film is on Netflix now. Here are my thoughts on the film:

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