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  1. 05-09-18
    And a belated happy birthday to you, too.
  2. 01-26-18

    Well I just got given a bottle of Buckfast...It would go great with naked Jake.
  3. 01-26-18
    Funny you mention that! I'm going to rewatch it this weekend. If I don't, it'll end up being in one of my drunk commentaries and you can just imagine how that would go...
Hostel: Part II   6/03/18
For the first time in a while, I'll actually be free to get back to this! I have a couple of reviews coming up...

Winter of Our Dreams   10/17/17
Winter of Our Dreams (1981) Votes at time of writing: 145 Budget: 320,000 AUD Writer: John Duigan Di...

Harvest Lake   2/05/17
HARVEST LAKE (2016) Votes (at time of writing): 222 Budget: N/A Director: Scott Schirmer Writer:...

Let Me In   7/15/16
This is the first time I've reviewed a direct remake, so if this is sub par, it will be due to me not quite kn...

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