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  1. 08-08-16
    You're literally the only person on the site with True Stories listed as a favorite movie, so I thought you'd be interested in the fact that we just last week recorded a podcast about it:
  2. 07-28-16
    Don't forget to submit a fifties list for the countdown if you choose to.
Drive   11/10/19
The film has turned out to be resistant to modern techniques of film criticism

The Immortal Story   6/01/18
In the marvellous scene where Clay, getting the better of Elishama and the prophet Isaiah, sets into motion hi

F for Fake   5/27/18
There were, of course, good (and even great) films between Kane and F for Fake, but they could only carry cine

Bicycle Thieves   9/12/16
He doesn't listen to the cinastes who say words are secondary in film; it takes a literary mind to move a film

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