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♪♫♬♪♫EDM Lover For Life ♪♫♬♪


6¾ years HERE

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im in my early 40s, italian, with lots of interests Biography
Long Island, NY Location
movies of any decade and many genres, The silent era through the 50s are my favorite eras. Music: techno, trance, rock, pop, rap, j-pop. Supernatural/ paranormal shows, im also a believer in the paranormal. Blogging, journaling. Cooking. Japan cultur Interests
i'm a caregiver for my mom. Occupation
Vincent Price, my favorite maniacal diabolical madman!!

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  1. 11-20-16
    Well, hello there! How have you been doing?
  2. 07-22-15
    Another fan of horror and electronic music? Right on!
  3. 06-27-15
    Here is the link for the welcome thread. Just click on the word "here", and a new page should open with that forum in it. Just click on the New Thread icon, once the page opens.
  4. 06-27-15
    OK. I didn't know that. I guess it doesn't matter then.
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