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I enjoy Movies, Music, Writing, Stargazing. rare things, unusual things, dark things Biography
If I told you, I would have to kill you. Location
Writing poetry and short stories, Enjoy historical and horror films, all types of music except modern pop and rap/r&b Interests
Never talk smack about Star-Lord!!!
It is not his fault and he's not an idiot!

After all, horror is usually concerned in some way with death, and romance is concerned with love, but love and death and how one is bound up in the other is the very essence of gothic.
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  1. 07-23-19
    This should help you out with your DVDs
  2. 02-13-19
    I'm from Belgium, does that count as a Nordic country ?
  3. 10-09-18
    PMed response
  4. 10-01-18
    Count of Monte Cristo and Gladiator

    I like Jane Eyre: the Fassbender one. He’s so dreamy!
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