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  1. 10-26-11
    Shoot, my library doesn't have that. Instead, they got "Tango our dance." Man, and just when I was beginning to feel cool, too.
  2. 10-15-11
    I should be getting my hands on "Once upon a time in the west" soon. Meanwhile, I've been watching all of the Stallone movies. "Cobra", "Assassins", "Demolition man." have you watched any?
  3. 10-03-11
    You changed your avatar. What movie is that now?
  4. 09-27-11
    Your favorite movie, "Once upon a time in the west" I am tempted to watch it, but what surroundings do you suggest when I do so? (dark quiet locked room or Jungle setting with monkeys in background? & what snacks should I purchase in preparation?
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