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  1. 02-20-12
    Yes Can't wait until tommorow's episode
  2. 10-29-11
    Alrighty then. Well, I can't promise I won't have to zap posts or close it if it gets crazy heated, but I think it'll be okay. It's easy to phrase things slightly differently in a way that makes people feel the whole thing is a lot less aggressive, too.
  3. 10-29-11
    Sure. It's a fine line, because it's very easy for something to get very ugly, but in general people are allowed to rant, and we debate lots of things. What did you have in mind?
  4. 10-28-11
    That's awesome, i'm jealous

    I went to a haunted house last week, but it didn't have much of a theme other than Exorcist music playing and a guy with a chainsaw (Leatherface?) running around.

    Ironically enough, I plan on re-watching Psycho tomorrow night, double feature with Rosemary's Baby (which I have not yet seen) to get me in the Halloween spirit.
Michael Jackson's: This Is It   8/23/11
Overall, Michael's heart pumped love, acceptance, and making the world a better place and I hope that everyone

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