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  1. 08-26-10
    Yo, where ya' been?
  2. 11-21-09
    It's kinda funny, because I was going to send you one.
  3. 07-23-09
    I'm hangin' in there! Thanks!
  4. 07-23-09
    Hello! How have you been? It's nice to see you. Hopefully you will have a tad more time for chatting with us.
The Descent   10/31/07
One year after her husband and daughter were killed in a car crash, Sarah (Shauna MacDonald) is about to embar...

Dersu Uzala   9/29/07
Unlike Kurosawa's samurai epics, this film moves at a slower pace, told in a series of vignettes that demonstr...

Kill Baby, Kill   9/25/07
On the whole, this ranks as one of my favorite Bava films, right up there with his gothic horror masterpiece B...

The Virgin Suicides   10/12/04
This is a great debut film for Coppola...

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