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  1. 01-01-21
    Speaking of plugins I just bought some from Waves. Im ready go wild now
  2. 12-29-20
    Yes, I do that, too. But no, what I mean is sending the track sound to an aux and then putting plugins on the aux and not the instrument track.
  3. 12-28-20
    So the new thing I learned this weekend was using an aux to thicken up a sound and apply effects without affecting the underlying instrument. Once that clicked I just went crazy with it. Im in the process of building a template now. Im trying to avoid from getting lost in the weeds.
  4. 12-27-20
    I just turn knobs till I get what I want. I been watching videos all day today so I have some new production ideas Im going to try.

    But yeah, I was talking the more advance synths. GarageBand has made it too easy.
Soldier   3/01/21
The most interesting part of the movie (Todd's character arc amidst the township) should've been given a lot m

Death Race   2/26/21
made movies for teenage boys who blew out their ear drums listening to nu-metal and carved S into their desk

Oblivion   2/20/21
This is also one of those movies that makes me play decibel hockey with low mumbles and loud action scenes, pr

Playtime   8/01/20
Tatis style seems like a major blueprint for the offbeat charm (a tough word not to use with Tati) found in Je

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