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Im a 30yr old blonde that is a free spirit, loves making others around her laugh and feel good, wouldnt think twice about giving you the shirt off my back, is honest, I always stand up for myself, will do try anything once,& down for whatever! Biography
I rest my bones in the Metro-West Area Location
Music, sports,going to the beach, art, video games, my dog,road trips, the outdoors, concerts,reading, & spending time with friends and family! Interests
I am a multi tasking mad woman in a home health care company! Occupation
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  1. 08-06-09
    Hope all is well with you, too!
  2. 08-04-09
    I'm ready for some FOOTBALL
  3. 02-24-09
    Hey LT... nice of you to stop by. Everything is going okay. I've been busy with Mardi Gras but it is officially over at midnight tonight so I'm hoping things settle down a bit in the next couple of days... How's the world been treating you lately?
  4. 02-24-09
    That's funny. I could have swore I did.
    Well, now I'm coming on here to ask you about your horror comment from the shout-box. Do you love Classic Horror any? Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing . . . on, and on. There are so many to choose from.
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