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King was born in Manhatten, New York in the winter of '92. After moving to Ausralia in 1993, King lived in mediocore suburbs in the city of Melbourne. Biography
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  1. 06-14-09
    Happy anniversary mate!
  2. 04-15-09
    Yeah, i'm from South Australia.
  3. 04-15-09
    Hey man, I'm from Australia too. How's it going?
  4. 03-25-09
    King of movies im starting to get the hang of it but thank dude.
Brüno   7/08/09
Like Sasha Baron Cohen pretty much swapped over Borat with a gay dude from Austria called Bruno...

Are We Done Yet?   6/28/09
The film is not a masterpeice but the simple plot, easy to get jokes and err simple plot made the film good vi...

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