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I'm mighty.Nothing interestin' really. Biography
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Right now, all I'm wearing is a mustard-stained wife-beater T-shirt, no pants & a massive sombrero.
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  1. 09-09-14
    Wow, long time no see! Welcome back. The place is, uh, a little different these days, as you've probably noticed.
  2. 05-05-13
    Cool, glad to hear that. People seem to really dig your list.
  3. 05-04-13
    Hey, nice to see you around again! What's new?
  4. 03-22-10
    Thanks for the heads up of The Last Dragon on your guilty pleasures list I just knew I had to see it after looking threw some of your other choice which I loved as well. Still can't beileve I didn't get around to seeing this as a kid. super hilarious, loved every minute of it.
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