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Im an aspiring actor. I love film in all its aspects enjoy working on sets no matter what the job (once worked on the set of "Watching Ellie" dirtying up a characters soccer jersey). Ive done a lot of live theater and also short films. 6' 3" Biography
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[punches him in the face, grabs him and points his gun right at his throat] I never said anything about the FBI. She's my partner, ese. And if anything happens to her, I will find you and I will kill you. I won't think twice. Come here, look in my eyes. [pushes barrel of the gun into his mouth and cocks it] Look at my face. If anything happens to her, I will kill you. This is between you and me, and nobody sees, nobody knows.
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  1. 03-06-10
    Lordy, I remember that avatar. It drove me nuts trying to get that clover to stay still.
  2. 03-06-10
    Love the modified avatar.
  3. 03-05-10
    Hey kid, how's it going?
  4. 04-15-09
    oh cool, yeah i'm useless at photoshop, i had the free trial for a month but then didn't want to pay for it. I can't stop staring at your avatar though! It's mesmerizing! haha
I'm Not There.   5/31/08
At its core, "Im Not There" is every Bob Dylan fan's dream. All they have to do is be patient and willing to o

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