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You have to think like a hero merely to behave like a decent human being.
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  1. 01-15-16
    Welcome back!
  2. 01-03-15
    Whenever I choose a team to win in the NFL I try to factor in the intangibles. For me, Carolina having a sub-500 regular season performance, they will be playing for respect. Also I don't think Arizona's QB Lindley has the experience to handle a playoff game. As for Detroit, after losing to GB they will dig deep and redeem themselves against the Cowboys - Upset Time!
    Thanks for letting me know your choices.
  3. 01-03-15
    Yo. Saw the deleted post---sorry, didn't see it in time. I would've taken Carolina, even though they're down right now. Pittsburgh tonight, Dallas and Indy tomorrow. Chalk down the line.
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