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  1. 08-08-15
    I'm starting to get the impression that you're not going to add those "surprises" to your top 170 any time soon.
  2. 03-21-13
    Yes it is. TBH, I've still not seen it.
  3. 10-17-12
    Great top 10!
  4. 10-11-12
    Just letting you know that I did see Troll 2 and it may deserve to be in my "worst movies ever" list, but seeing it in a midnight-movie setting made it too much fun to hate.
Prometheus   6/02/12
It's seems like a negative review but it's not a bad film. It looks and sounds incredible ... It's a shame sma

Transformers: Dark of the Moon   7/01/11
Overall, it's not a perfect film but it's about what you can expect from Bay and then maybe a little more. I'm

X-Men: First Class   6/02/11
This was definitely one of the best films i've seen in the cinema this year. Vaughn pretty much nailed it. The

Thor   4/28/11
It's not the greatest film, perhaps at times a bit too crowded with side characters and the standard establish

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