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  1. 04-10-11
    Hey, she appears again! Nice to see you around. What's new?
  2. 02-16-11
    Hi Birdy!
    I'm sorry this is so late. Life's been busy I haven't been here at Mofo. It's great to see you and the hear that you're alive and kicking. Send me a PM and let me know what going in your life.

    Everyone at here at home is doing ok.
  3. 01-09-11
    Hey Birdy... I've been AWOL for a bit but hope I'll have time to hang out again now... and I hope this means you're going to be around a lot more too...
  4. 01-23-10
    Hey, where've you been? Come back soon!
The Innocents   8/06/09
I would recommend this movie for the sheer creepiness factor.

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