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  1. 12-12-22
    Thank you very much. I've just left another post too because I actually missed that your shared the end result... I'll try to get something over to you soon for you to have a read over, even if its not the finished second draft. I've got a lot of decent material written up, outlines and so on. Like you said, it would be a shame to waste it after getting quite a rare opportunity for some great advice from someone in the film/TV industry, but I find it really hard to write what I want down into actual screenplay format. I need to find a way to motivate myself. Knowing your taste in films, I think you'd find the plot interesting!
  2. 09-05-20
    Honey, if you divorce me, my Tree of Life rating automatically goes down to a 1 Star, and I don’t think either of us want that😘
  3. 09-05-20
    pshhh, it'll be lower on the next list
  4. 08-21-20
    sounds like we'll have a great time together
Elemental   7/28/23
Elemental takes place in Element City where all the elements of nature fire, water, land and air live togeth

Magic Mike's Last Dance   7/02/23
Im all for something new and different, but many of the core elements and characters are gone and replaced wit

M3GAN   4/06/23
I watched the Unrated Version, but as far as I know its not a drastically different movie, however, Im sure it

The Fabelmans   3/08/23
While I was never what you would call film negative about it, I was perhaps in between I was interpositive, if

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