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  1. 03-08-18
    Sorry mate you are too late to nominate. You can still vote if you want though, the first matches are in the first post.
  2. 12-19-17
    Yeah mate i thought it was great. Completely brutal and disturbing though.
  3. 06-29-17
    Oh wauw. Thank you, SL, for your kind comment.

    Those kind of words are the best a reviewer can get, really. I appreciate that so much and I'm glad you liked it. I don't review much anymore, so I try to bang out these more rough reviews, that might not flow or sounds as great as when I really sit down to do reviews, but if anything they come off as more honest and direct. Often that's what you want when you just want to know how a movie really is. Seems like it works as I want it to. Glad my writings are appreciated. Thank you, as always.
  4. 05-10-17
    One thing I will ask though... do you find Photobucket useable?
    I've found it a nightmare recently.

    If you're having trouble with it, try imgur.
    I switched to imgur about 6 or 8 weeks ago and it's a massive improvement.
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