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  1. 01-08-20
    That's not a problem at all. Just checking in
  2. 01-08-20
    Just checking in with you for the Japanese HOF. I'm open to having it open until end of the month if need be. Sooner is cool too though!
  3. 10-20-17
    Sorry just saw this was in Ireland. Ten mate. No restrictions; bands, solo, whatever. Thanks
  4. 10-13-17
    Hey mate. Would you be interested in sending a Musical Artists list? It's the same as the other two countdowns i did. Also it's the last one so it would be the last time i annoy you about this haha.
Dead Presidents   9/21/23
The film is structured into three distinct parts; his early years deciding to not go to college, the experienc

Love According to Dalva   9/19/23
It's a film that is hard not to spoil as it's key theme is at the forefront of the whole film, but it is so te

Clara Sola   9/12/23
Really beautiful Costa Rican film focusing on Clara, a woman with learning difficulties who starts to feel a s

Afire   9/07/23
Comparisons to the films of Eric Rohmer are spot on

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