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Pussy Galore

I'm one happy bird !
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9¼ years HERE

Montreal, Quebec Location
Philosophy, cinema, cycling, japanese animation/mangas, running Interests
Philosophy student at university Occupation
I do not speak english perfectly so expect some mistakes here and there in my messages
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  1. 03-13-14
    Can't say I blame you. A friend of mine tried to get me into the Bleach anime and I got to the point where they tried to save Rukia and then I found out the next 40 episodes were all filler and just dropped it like a sack of potatoes. I thought about going with the manga instead but I'd need to finish the projects I'm working on now. I have been watching the One Piece anime though and am enjoying that immensely. That same friend of mine is reading the manga but she misses out on the One Piece/Dragonball/Toriko cross over episode.

    Feel free to comment back on my profile, I'll respond faster that way, ha ha.
  2. 03-12-14
    I'm more a fan of manga than of anime and those are my favorites One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, Hunter x Hunter, Fairy Tail, Bakuman, Death Note, Welcome to the NHK (anime), Hokuto no Ken, Monster, Magi, Nausicaa, Battle Royale, Slam Dunk, Prince of Tennis, Fullmetal Alchemist, 20th Century Boys, Billy Bat, Ruruna Kenshin, Blade of the Immortal, GTO.

    (I probably forget some of them, but that's about it)
  3. 03-12-14
    So...judging by your banner I guess you like animes other than DBZ. What other ones do you like?
  4. 01-31-14
    I decided to drop in and leave you your first comment. Hello!
Breathless   1/17/15
Overall Id say that for my personal liking the movie isnt that good, that its pretty empty and that its not th

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