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  1. 11-15-17
    Excellent! I shall give you a big one on Tuesday!

    Yeah, long wait. Literally seconds after I told you it was tough replying in an Irish pub, I got nabbed by a woman down on her luck, and I spent 4 hours mostly listening to her.

    It's really impossible to just be on your phone here.
  2. 11-15-17
    Uuuugh, owe you a DECENT reply still! Can't quote PMs on mobile so it's a bit hard. Gimme a few days! Hopefully it would have been worth the wait, otherwise...omg what a let down!
  3. 10-22-17
    Hey Matt are you interested in sending a list for the musician countdown? Here's the thread - Radiohead - 24 Points (5 Lists)

    If you are just send me your top ten, solo or bands or whatever. It's cool if not just thought i may as well ask.
  4. 09-14-17
    I'll see what I can do. I've meant to fill my top 10 earlier, but I completely forgot.
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