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I suffor from Fibromyalgia and Gout. Biography
South Wales, UK Location
Films, Games, Reading, Chilling with my wife, son and daughter, Surfing the net Interests
Disabled fellow sadly unable to work. Occupation
~In the event of a Zombie Uprising, remember to sever the head or destroy the brain!~

~When im listening to Metallica, Nothing else matters~

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  1. 06-17-13
    n3wt! What's new my man? Great to see you again.
  2. 02-17-12
    I'm so glad you're back.
  3. 02-12-12
    hi we are both here now!!! lets agree never to leave again
  4. 04-01-11
    yes, where are u???? we all miss you around here
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