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  1. 08-20-17
    Any chance you would play my survivor game? If you join than Dannii said she would and it will be fun.
  2. 08-03-17
    Hey mate. Is there any chance you could send me a top ten movie stars list? It's for this Countdown - https://www.movieforums.com/communit...02#post1746802
  3. 04-17-17
    If you still have trouble with the banner, post it as a picture in the Profile Banners Thread and I can have a mess with it for you
  4. 04-03-17
    Welcome to the forum. I'm sorry to hear you're a bit lonely, I'm young but have dealt with being reclusive a lot and can definitely tell you this place has helped me socially. Hope you stick around and have fun.
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