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  1. 01-25-19
    Thanks, man...
    I may have missed the avatar (can you send it again?)

    I'll see if I can load this as a banner (if I can figure out how). If not, maybe you can walk me through the process?

    Thanks again!!!!!!
  2. 01-25-19
    Hey Cap... I made an avatar a while back but you never got back to me about it...

    Got me thinking though... I made a Comic style Christopher Reeve image ages ago... thought you might like it as a banner, considering you don't have a banner yet on your profile

  3. 02-11-18
    It's cracking me up! Along with continued talk about "children" and people being immature (in between the cursing and tantrums). It's funny like when a 3-year-old lays on the floor and thrashes and screams as they kick their legs and begin spinning around in a sideways, running-place, pinwheel fashion!
    I think we need a three day conclave to discover the many definitions of "opinion".
  4. 02-11-18
    "You must be extremely stupid or very young." But I'm the troll... ?
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