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  1. 12-17-20
    Hey, thanks for checking in. Well, a big part of my recent activity is due to guilt for not having turned in a list in time, so there's that. But honestly, yes, I've been away to focus on my career, but it's also because I'm simply not as interested in film as I used to. Nothing related to MoFo though; you just grow out of things. I will say I've been reminded how fun it is to interact with folks in this community, and I am interested in watching more movies again just so I can pop in occasionally and chat about 'em.
  2. 12-12-20
    Watched both of McAfee's matches plus everything he's done on weekly TV. I think he's the best thing about NXT. I hate Adam Cole, but McAfee being green forced Cole to slow down and work a really enjoyable match. I hated the war games match, but that's mainly down to me hating the style, the unnecessary weapons, the lack of blood, and the lack of any logic. Pat was great in the match. He hit a beautiful moonsault, took a nutty dive off the cage, and just has more personality than the entire NXT roster put together. He's a natural on the mic. He has so much potential. Somebody on a wrestling forum mentioned wanting to see a McAfee vs Cena Wrestlemania match which sounds crazy, but now it's in my head as a possibility and the inevitability of that not happening breaks my chubby, little heart.
  3. 11-24-20
    Having the third most points and still having a losing record is a bit annoying, and it has sort of made me second guess my team at times. I am clearly a tier behind the top two scorers though, so it has never felt like I could actually take the whole thing. I know anything can happen, so who knows. I have two very winnable games coming up.

    If it comes down to a tie with me and somebody else for a playoff spot, I'm confident with that.

    I am very pleased with getting Diontae Johnson. I was trying to get Fournette and other people, but the only bite I could get was Diontae Johnson. Which actually turned out to be an awesome get for me. I didn't trust Christian Kirk at all, but I didn't really know what to expect from Diontae Johnson with the Steelers being stacked at WR.

    By the way, I don't know if anybody else has noticed this, but I have the most kicker points in the league and Younghoe Koo has been my most consistent player other than Aaron Rodgers. And when he was hurt, I got 13 from Carlson and on his bye I got a cool 16 from Prater. Right about now, I am all for the brand.
  4. 11-05-20
    Yeah, I figured the same thing re: Evans. So many mouths to feed. But we were hiveminding on this one, for sure, because I thought about it four or five times over the last month. I think if Thomas hadn't had that scuffle I might've gone a little harder at it, though at the crucial moment to make an offer or not, I think Thielen was looking particularly good so I decided it wouldn't be enough of an upgrade relative to cost. Ah well.

    It's still fantasy, which means it's still just one bad week at the wrong time of year, one big injury from flipping, etc.
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