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  1. 10-17-20
    Re: My private message

    Stupid batteries in my wireless keyboard decided to die in the middle of me typing and I accidentally sent it when it wasn't finished. Last bit should read: I'll send more if/when others sign up.
  2. 05-17-20
    Whatever you do don't get rid of the Blues Brothers!
  3. 05-17-20
    Glad to see your favorite movies haven't changed
  4. 05-15-20
    I think I saw The Wild Bunch years ago, when I was younger. I don't really remember it, but when I watched the trailer some things did seem familiar. Anyway, it's not a priority for me because it's not a style of cinema that I'm crazy about. Even if I ended up liking it, I think it would struggle to hang on to the bottom of my top 25.
Christiane F.   8/08/20
Even people who would normally be called extras, they are just people that happen to be caught on film

The Irishman   12/01/19
You have to wonder if this was a swan song of sorts for the director and some of the cast, and with the way th

The Aviator   10/08/18
Going into it this time, one thing that piqued my interest was how they portrayed the filming of Hell's Angels

Pan's Labyrinth   7/15/18
This and The Shape of Water are two of the best looking movies I've ever seen

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