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  1. 04-01-14
    Yep, it's Poirot with the colour scheme of my avatar.
  2. 03-30-14
    Yay! I was just namechecking you in the most missed MoFos thread.
  3. 12-27-12
    Whass happening Kitty Kat?
  4. 09-07-11
    Thank you SammyD. This current avatar is also Drew, but yes, the last one was lovely. Of course, I think they're all lovely. I'm having a great Drew week.
The Cabin in the Woods   4/15/12
Just as early on though, were shown that there is more going on here: everything is monitored by a small team

Hamlet   8/12/11
This is the best thing to happen to Hamlet since... well, not a lot good happens to Hamlet, so this is on a re

Get Carter   3/01/08
Overall, [I]Get Carter[/I] is not going in my favorites list, but Iím glad I finally sat down and watched this

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street   12/22/07
The art direction is really wonderful. The palatte of drab

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