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I am a ventriloquist dummy that has been brought to Life by the magic of cinema. I love writing reviews in my little yellow cottage where I reside. You may not believe my words but it is true. So let's enjoy cinema with popcorn for me and for you  Biography
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  1. 03-31-23
  2. 03-30-23
    Hi there. I merged your thread with an existing one. We try not to start new threads for every single review of the same film. I think I may have sent you a PM about this already? I don't think you replied, though, but I might be misremembering.

    If you want, you can start one thread to hold all of your reviews. Or you can create new threads when none exists, but otherwise post reviews as replies.

    I'm not sure why they would get "confused" that way. Especially since we can tag them, as I described earlier, to make them searchable and other things like that.

    That said, if you search and determine it won't be a duplicate, and want to create a new thread after that for a review, you can certainly use emojis, provided they fit the title somehow. I wouldn't use them just to "stand out" if they make no sense, though.
  3. 03-26-23
    There's a little box beneath where you enter your post (on the full page, not Quick Reply) with details, just take a look/click the link.

    More information here:
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