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  1. 11-05-12
    I have to ask: do you miss it? Because while I enjoy it still, I tend to wonder if it's worth the time to do "well." Is it one of those things that's clearly not worth doing once you stop?
  2. 11-05-12
    Yeah, those articles got a lot of attention. Though it's so random, which ones do and don't. We co-wrote something about Batman the day before TDKR came out and that got a fraction as much. Go figure.

    Do you play fantasy sports at all any more?
  3. 11-05-12
    Yeah, he's been on a bit of a media sabbatical. Might be ending, but we're not sure yet.

    Yeah, the degree to which people are more involved in sports (fantasy sports, in particular) makes it way harder to speak with much authority about it, unless you put a lot of thought into it. My friend and I started a Pirates blog in the middle of the last season (ugh...horrible timing, right?), and it's crazy how much in-depth stuff is out there from just random fans, even.
  4. 11-05-12
    Hahaha. Yeah, that's him. That's one heck of a coincidence. I'll have to tell him; he'll get a kick out of it. Very cool, that you work there. Glad things are going smooth.

    I hear ya', on the sports thing. My interest hasn't waned as much, but it definitely loses its life-or-death quality after a few years, and as you get older, yeah?
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It is typical Aaron Sorkin. Itís subtly funny, smart and very fast-paced.

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Overall, I'll give the movie 1 hilarious Clive Owen mustache out of 5. The movie is just a mess. Explosions an

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It's always a real accomplishment when you can create a film that the 21 year old, UFC-watching, Red Bull-drin

Tropic Thunder   8/24/08
...Tropic Thunder is a very original, pretty funny, uncompromising mockery of the state of Hollywood and the p

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