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  1. 12-05-16
    Hmm, tough question. My policy to this point has been to only add the ones that've been organized and sanctioned by the community at large, as opposed to something someone just decided to do on their own (though that's cool, too!).

    Mainly, though, I'm planning some expansion of the Lists area soon that will make this a moot point. Stay tuned.
  2. 12-05-16
    Try that
  3. 12-05-16
    Looks kinda nifty I had to crop and paste a few elements from the poster, resize and colour treat them, added a glow to some of the layers to make them stand out after resizing, and I also managed to remove the ghostly looking elvish writing that was spread over the top of Frodo, Sam and Gollum.
    I've kept the whole lot in the same order as the original poster too rather than move everything to new areas.
    The only things cut from the pic are Bag End and the Fellowship as a group at the bottom left.

    Made 2, one with writing and one without.
    I prefer the one without writing if I'm honest.

  4. 12-05-16
    I've had another idea... your banner.
    Remember what I did with Raul's Carpenter banner?
    How about your very own edited version of this?

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