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  1. 02-24-17
    Had a look at you #1 and #2 movies... the DVDs, DVD cover art, popcorn, drink, straw in the drink, and background are all separate images, cropped, pasted, screen distorted to fit and shaded
    Very difficult to make Hope you like it...
  2. 02-22-17
    Heyo. I'm still new to this site so it took a while to figure out where this comment was hidden! Honestly, I haven't seen much of them. This pic was from the goofy comedy Kung Pow with Steve Oedekerk. Well, it was a DVD bonus that had nothing to do with the movie itself, but it did crack me up. I will have to find more of them then! lol. Thanks for the reference.
  3. 02-15-17
    Try that
  4. 02-15-17
    Damnit... I've had a brain fart. What's his name? Seems I've lost the original image.
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