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"A laugh can be a very powerful thing. Why, sometimes in life, it's the only weapon we have."

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  1. 08-23-19
    You have an anniversary thread.
  2. 12-06-18
    Oh hey... one thing I forgot, was that pic of Cranston...

    You can't get an full image of his face in that pose, so I cloned the left side of his face, adjusted it, and used references to match the left and right sides, and made a pic that isn't cut off on the right side... which is how I made that Christmas avi
    Always does my head in when an avi is lopsided.
  3. 12-06-18
    Merry Cranston
  4. 11-22-18
    Don't forget to vote in the song tournament, you panty-wearing Canuck!
The Phantom   1/07/20
Megalomaniac Xander Drax is looking for 3 skulls that would give him unlimited power, which is represented by ...

Wedding Crashers   1/07/20
Would a film where a man sexually assaults a woman be played for laughs...

Parasite   1/07/20
You can't help but feel bad for the man, but then you remember why he is there and what he's doing and you fin...

Mystery, Alaska   12/28/19
While the film is indeed a few good comedy centred around hockey, the film doesn't showcase any real exciting ...

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