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10 Foreign Language movies to go
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My movie ratings often go up or down a point or two after more reflection, research and rewatches.

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  1. 11-26-21
    thank you and thats really cool cause i only watch it cause elizabeth olsen is on it shes one of my favourite actresses and i loved the movie so i bought the dvd today
Adaptation.   11/26/22
I'm ashamed to admit that I loved Donald Kaufman's profound life lesson he conveys to Charlie - that our love

MASH   11/06/22
The film also managed to garner an Oscar nomination for Robert Altman himself - a dizzying achievement when yo

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre   11/03/22
The film's edit is credited to Larry Carroll, but a lot of the film was constructed with Tobe Hooper grinding

Poltergeist   10/30/22
Poltergeist happens to be one of those films I've seen many times, and one of those films that has held up - w

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