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  1. 08-04-17
    Hey mate. Do you want to send a top ten movie stars list? Not sure if you've seen the thread -

    If you want to it would have to be tonight as the Countdown is tomorrow. PM me if you're interested.
  2. 02-06-17
    Citizen said to add a black bar to your banner and centre it
Showing Up   6/07/23
She cares for an injured pigeon, she cares about the whereabouts of her brother when he goes out and she cares

The Blue Caftan   6/06/23
The Blue Caftan is Maryam Touzanis second feature and tells the story of a man (Halim) and his unwell wife (Mi

Through the Olive Trees   6/05/23
Like his films Close up and Life and Nothing More, this film peels back a layer of reality and films it but h

Safe Place   6/05/23
Croatian Juraj Leroti directs this haunting film and also stars in it as a man whose brother is hellbent on i

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