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I run this here joint. Biography
Pittsburgh adjacent. Location

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  1. 7 hours ago
    i think just titling my review vertigo will get it confused with other people's reviews. So I put an emoji next to the title so it's different. Not sure if that's okay ? If it's moved again no worries I understand 👌
  2. 4 days ago
    Btw a member told me since I love writing reviews I should ask if my reviews could be shown in... Members reviews thread. Not sure how I would go about it but I'm definitely interested if that is possible?
  3. 01-26-23
    If I edit an existing review that's been approved for MoFo's reviews pages, does it change the review that appears in the reviews page itself, or does it just change the post in my thread?
  4. 12-30-22
    Yeah i think I would be. We used Microsoft SQL and C# but even further back I used PHP/MySQL. One of those things if you can understand what is happening when you read the code well enough then adjusting syntax is normally quite straightforward.

    Yeah, it's funny how these things work out. My interest in web design came in hanging around forums and wanting to know what made them work and now I make a living out of it Everyone thinks because I did a half-Computer Science degree at University that's where I learned what I know but I only did one web module which lasted about 4 weeks. It's really cool to see what you've added to this forum and how it all supplements the heart of it - the actual forum/discussion board.
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri   2/17/18
But the best version of a Quentin Tarantino film is, even wh

The Avengers   5/14/12
I saw The Avengers at the tail end of one of the Marvel Movie Marathons across the country, an exhaustiliratin

Moneyball   11/05/11
Regardless of what happened on the field, the ideas depicted in this film have won out so overwhelmingly that

Rise of the Planet of the Apes   8/18/11
This is a character-centric story where the animals have more humanity than most other films' humans

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