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  1. 12-06-18
    Merry Cranston
  2. 11-22-18
    Don't forget to vote in the song tournament, you panty-wearing Canuck!
  3. 08-31-18
    Thanks for the reps, bro.
  4. 02-14-18
    No problem. Made space if you actually wanted to message me about something and you weren't just letting me know.
Talk to Me   7/28/23
On the surface, A24's Talk To Me is a teen horror film ready to make you jump with fright, but this Australian

Deadstream   2/28/23
It's a low-budget love letter to horror with elements of Raimi

Nope   2/22/23
For his third outing, Peele brings us a sci/fi horror film Nope

Men   2/13/23
Garland's MEN has a lot to unpack, and I fully suspect the film will split audiences down the middle

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