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  1. 08-07-18
    Oh right, you should send in a list of your favorite albums here:
  2. 08-07-18

    I've been falling in love with Oasis recently. Literally, too, since Liam sometimes make me question my sexuality.
  3. 06-02-18
    Technically possible, but we usually don't for anyone who's been around for a bit, because it will break a lot of their old quote references.
  4. 12-25-16
    I don't know yet. I'll see how I feel when the holidays are over.
In Bruges   9/30/15
The movie gets more action oriented when Harry is forced to visit the guys in Bruges due to something happenin

The Drop   5/29/15
Lonely bartender Bob Saginowski (Tom Hardy) and his cousin Marv (James Gandolfini) run a bar that also substit

The Last of the Mohicans   5/16/15
Michael Mann does a nice job of mixing war, action, drama, romance, and adventure to create a beautiful and in

The Truman Show   5/12/15
The rest of the world watches every second of his life in the form of The Truman Show; a reality program that

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