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BigFoot's hairless (by comparison) little brother. Biography
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New jumble is two words: balesdaewrd
Previous jumble goes to, Mrs. Darcy! (gdknmoifoaneevh - Kingdom of Heaven)
The individual words are jumbled then the spaces are removed. PM the answer to me. First one with the answer wins.
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  1. 08-08-13
    Ah, cool. Congrats.
  2. 08-07-13
    You gave up your pimpin' ways to get hitched? Or have you always been hitched?

    Same kinda stuff; I've been married a few years. Site's had some server issues but they're getting worked out. And there's a total redesign happening, so if you end up sticking around, you'll see some dope stuff.
  3. 08-06-13
    What's new, dude?
  4. 07-25-12
    We need you back, dude.
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