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  1. 09-24-16
    Susan! Great to see that you're back
  2. 03-14-15
    I'm pretty good. I actually did the same thing. For the past few years, I've barely been here. I think my longest time away was an entire year and a half. I then only came back for a very few weeks. After that was a six month time span away, a few days back, six months away again, and now I am finally here. I got a weird feeling one night that I should check out the board. I finally did a few days later, to find out that they were seriously needing either me back, or a new mod. Good timing for me, eh? I found out that they had just been hit with some spammers that were literally trying to close the board down, or something. They spammed the hell out of it. I wasn't here to kick their butts, but I'm here now.
  3. 03-10-15
    Hey lady! How are you doing and how have you been? It's been awhile!
  4. 09-01-14

    thank you my dear
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