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I like video games more than movies. Interests
"Well, at least your intentions behind the UTTERLY DEVASTATING FAULTS IN YOUR LOGIC are good." - Captain Steel
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  1. 09-30-16
    The Action movie avatar id like is the predator monster coming out of the water withe his invisible form fading away.
  2. 09-04-16
    Check Out My Disney Movie Top 65 films if like Disney animated movies.
  3. 08-28-16
    Yeah definitely. I don't drink milk anyway, and am trying to cut out the dairy as much as I can. I just think changing my diet so extensively will mean it won't last, so I'm easing into it.
  4. 08-28-16
    Not sure about dairy. I am just being vegetarian right now, but conscious of my dairy intake. Baby steps.
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