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  1. 01-05-14
    I literally just happened to check your profile like yesterday, and saw you were last on 12/31/12, so just over a year. Happy New Year! Hope you're doing well, too. Nice to see you around again. Your timing's good, too--new design in a month or two!
  2. 01-05-14
    Hey! What's new??
  3. 12-27-11
    I commented on Julie Taymor's Tempest, starring Helen Mirren here. Having recently re-read the play and watched my favorite adaptation (Prospero's Books), I'm not sure I'd rate it quite as high, but it's well worth seeing.
  4. 08-23-11
    its funny, i got lots of grief from that post " the older you get the smarter your parents become" i think a great # of the mofo's are simply 2 young to appreciate that axiom.
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