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I'm beginning to find non-fiction books much more compelling than cinema. Interests
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  1. 01-11-14
    I put it up before I even saw the movie. I just had a feeling it would be a good scene ha. Plus it's JLaw and she can do no wrong to me.
  2. 04-09-12
  3. 04-08-12
    Just wanted to thank you for the glut of +rep you left for me. It's very much appreciated.
  4. 12-29-11
    I already have the japanese A City of Sadness DVD with english sub, which means i would only be missing Cafe Lumiere out. I do understand a little Chinese and its only the simple stuff.
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The school teacher says that Manou has the most beautiful blue eyes she has ever seen, but this being a black

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The film has been mislabeled as a film noir; instead, this is a tragic love story of two shooting stars that c

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Over the film, Braddock develops Myron as his alibi and the very public face to the whole operation; in the ga

Her   1/23/14
The film is set in the future but interestingly, precious little is revealed about that future (although the f

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