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One of the biggest myths told is that being intelligent is the absence of the ability to do stupid things.
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  1. 05-10-16
    Re: the edit option. I mean that, after the upload and posting, if you click on the thumbnail, you can just use the URL that results to edit the full thing in.

    The third party thing is best though. I'd probably have spruced the whole thing up, but as is so often the case the users find their own, better workarounds while waiting around for me to do something, so it's for the best.
  2. 05-10-16
    The ones you see full sized are usually just being linked from some external source (either just found by searching, or uploaded to some third party site; I recommend for the latter).

    Alternatively, you can upload it and then edit the full version back into your post, though that's a bit more cumbersome.

    And I don't mind technical questions.
  3. 05-09-16
    I was leaning joke, mostly because of the phrasing. Sarcasm detector isn't totally busted yet, but I guess wrong often enough that I always ask.
  4. 05-09-16
    I argue a lot less than I used to (just don't have as much time or energy for it), and when I do I tend to try to be more succinct/cut right to the core of the disagreement, so they don't drag on for weeks the way they used to. Probably for the best! But yeah, any time man. I always enjoy talking in-depth with thoughtful people, whatever the issue.

    Re: "I've found Jesus." I honestly, genuinely...have no idea if you're serious.
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