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I like video games more than movies. Interests
"Well, at least your intentions behind the UTTERLY DEVASTATING FAULTS IN YOUR LOGIC are good." - Captain Steel
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  1. 02-24-18
    I'M DRUNK SO I CAN SAY you're one of my favs
  2. 05-23-17
  3. 03-27-17
    Goodbye and good luck to you.
Non-Stop   12/27/19
A handful of clues lead Neeson's character to suspect multiple people on the plane, and there are obvious atte

Colorful   12/25/19
We find out that his "selfish" brother suddenly decided to pursue a career in medicine immediately after Main

Avengers: Endgame   12/23/19
Thor begins and ends the movie as an unattractive fat ****, because that's what I wanted one of the main chara

It   11/25/19
Now, I really like Tim Curry, and it's hard to outdo Tim Curry doing Tim Curry, but for the purposes of this m

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