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  1. 06-01-12
    And a cool picture it is!
  2. 05-29-12
    Why don't you have a picture yet? its been what, ten years? lol
  3. 05-28-12
    Hmmmm..... As a newcomer to these boards, I don't know if you are aware of how the friend and rep thing works. It's basically about credibility and longetivity.
    We chose our friends based on a variety of factors and individual personalities.
    You've posted some political opinions that show a good mind, so I extended a hand in friendship to help you along, just as was done to me, when I first joined. I am picky about whom I choose, so it is a priviledge. You either chose to ignore it or you didn't receive the invitation to join a select group. If you chose to igore it, I'd be curious as to the reason why. Fortunately or unfortunately, our survival on these boards depends on our friends ( and believe me, you don't need to be particularly offensive on these boards to be considered undesireable ).
    Anyway, Just thought I'd give you the courteousey of a heads up.
    Maybe you are a loner and don't think friends are necessary. Strictly up yo you.
    I'm Italian, so when I offer a hand in friendship and I get snubbed, I ignore and disregard that individual, but that's just me.
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J. Edgar   11/15/11
...with the subject matter of the film, and the importance of Hoover as a historical figure, this film could h

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